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Public alpha testing - Chi - 01-29-2020

I don't know how many are still following this project; but to those of you who do, to those of you who are interested and have asked for public alpha testing, the game is coming along - albeit rather slowly since I’m the sole developer of the game.

However, I’m pleased to announce that the game engine is progressing into a state that is becoming more and more playable. Therefore, I have decided that public testing will take place from July 1st 2020 to July 14th 2020.

Furthermore, I am looking for people with certain skill sets to aid in the development of the game. If you are one (or more) of the following:
  • Pixel artist
  • Sound effects artist
  • Music effects artist
  • Elaborate game designer (develop lore, story, game ideas, etc)
Please do not hesitate to contact me or join the official Arcane Lands Discord:

Green = Finished
Yellow = Started
Red = Not started

Network engine core
Account creation/login encrypted and hooked to database.
Character creation/selection
Player synchronization
Map loading & rendering
Chat system
Inventory system
Combat system
Trade system
Guild system