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A lot of RPG elements
I would personally like to see a lot of RPG type things if possible. I know you all said you were going to go with an EO type game but better features and improvements and such. There are some things I would like to see in any game.

- Random Loot Stats (Exp. Diablo style)
- Procedurally Generated Dungeons
- Item Levels (Exp. Wooden Sword Lv.1 gains exp through some source to Lv.2)
- Dynamic Maps/Worlds
- Dungeons
- Level Scaling (Monster Difficulty or Map/Zone Difficulty)
- Lots of quest
- Wide range of Skills and Passive abilities
- Achivement System
- Player Driven Market System
- Optional Grinding for Collectibles (Trophies from Bosses or completing difficult tasks)
- Balanced crafting system ( a system where you don't have to go farming crazy but, if you want to you can do that to further increase your crafts)
- Player Jobs/ non-combat classes (Exp. Farming, Fishing, crafter, miner, etc)
- Wide range of combat classes that can be changed across a single character
- Adding onto the one above, interchangeable skills and passives across other classes. (With balance of course.)

I will add more when I remember lol
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I'm not sure how I feel about level/damage scaling. No matter what level of effect this means, I guess the benefit is allowing players of any level access to more content, which they wouldn't have access to otherwise. I don't feel like it's necessary, unless we have a significant (seemingly unachievable) amount of content. I feel like access to more difficult content is part of character progression, too, and difficulty is less of a 'thing' if damage scaling is used. This is a pretty serious feature, if implemented, which would require a lot of attention. To what extent does damage scale, for an obvious example? At the end of the day, I see this feature in games that have SO MUCH content, that they are allowed the luxury of giving players a choice as to which content they experience, and in what order. Whereas, if implemented in a game with significantly less content, it, more or less, just makes a player's 'level' less significant, so that character progression isn't as important.

Otherwise, these are pretty standard MMO features, and I think we can realistically implement most of the above. It will take some time to figure out what is viable, of course. Currently, the game is very basic features, à la EO, so we'll have to wait and see how things pan out before any serious consideration.
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Yea level scaling is used in Elder Scrolls Online, I liked being able to have full access to all of the Lore driven content without being restricted. I guess this would like you said only work in a game with major amounts of content. ESO has starting zones with lore and story based quests that can be missed & played by higher level players that traveled to the region. So yea, I guess unless Arcane Lands has anything like Race Zones with specific quests, level scaling for those would be more useful.

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