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A lot of RPG elements
I would personally like to see a lot of RPG type things if possible. I know you all said you were going to go with an EO type game but better features and improvements and such. There are some things I would like to see in any game.

- Random Loot Stats (Exp. Diablo style)
- Procedurally Generated Dungeons
- Item Levels (Exp. Wooden Sword Lv.1 gains exp through some source to Lv.2)
- Dynamic Maps/Worlds
- Dungeons
- Level Scaling (Monster Difficulty or Map/Zone Difficulty)
- Lots of quest
- Wide range of Skills and Passive abilities
- Achivement System
- Player Driven Market System
- Optional Grinding for Collectibles (Trophies from Bosses or completing difficult tasks)
- Balanced crafting system ( a system where you don't have to go farming crazy but, if you want to you can do that to further increase your crafts)
- Player Jobs/ non-combat classes (Exp. Farming, Fishing, crafter, miner, etc)
- Wide range of combat classes that can be changed across a single character
- Adding onto the one above, interchangeable skills and passives across other classes. (With balance of course.)

I will add more when I remember lol
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I'm not sure how I feel about level/damage scaling. No matter what level of effect this means, I guess the benefit is allowing players of any level access to more content, which they wouldn't have access to otherwise. I don't feel like it's necessary, unless we have a significant (seemingly unachievable) amount of content. I feel like access to more difficult content is part of character progression, too, and difficulty is less of a 'thing' if damage scaling is used. This is a pretty serious feature, if implemented, which would require a lot of attention. To what extent does damage scale, for an obvious example? At the end of the day, I see this feature in games that have SO MUCH content, that they are allowed the luxury of giving players a choice as to which content they experience, and in what order. Whereas, if implemented in a game with significantly less content, it, more or less, just makes a player's 'level' less significant, so that character progression isn't as important.

Otherwise, these are pretty standard MMO features, and I think we can realistically implement most of the above. It will take some time to figure out what is viable, of course. Currently, the game is very basic features, à la EO, so we'll have to wait and see how things pan out before any serious consideration.
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Yea level scaling is used in Elder Scrolls Online, I liked being able to have full access to all of the Lore driven content without being restricted. I guess this would like you said only work in a game with major amounts of content. ESO has starting zones with lore and story based quests that can be missed & played by higher level players that traveled to the region. So yea, I guess unless Arcane Lands has anything like Race Zones with specific quests, level scaling for those would be more useful.

The Player Driven Market idea reminds me of EORemake (Made by Cascade) and that was neat. I like that idea. Also, the random loot stats could be interesting. Would certainly mean people have to grind a bit more if they end up getting stats on items that aren't what they want. The Achievement System I definitely would like to see! Means we gotta work hard for all the stuffs. Maybe "Titles" could be given as some Achievement Rewards, but unlike how EO has the Title on your Paperdoll, it could be like the Title is shown underneath/above your Character's name since the name is floating above your head from what it looks like in the Preview images.

Perhaps some sort of like 'Gem Socketing' system maybe? I dunno. Could allow you to like have a "Jeweler" Profession/Side-Job type thing and you could have like extra Attack Speed or Extra Critical Rate or Extra Damage Gems for Weapon and then like Extra HP or Extra Armor or Extra Stat Gems for like Chest/Pants/Helmet/etc. Or maybe if not 'Gem Socketing' then like some sort of 'Enchanting' so you could give like +5/10/15/whatever Damage Enchant to Weapon or something like that and could have "Enchanter" Profession/Side-Job.

I dunno! Just my input ^^;

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