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I wanted to include my thoughts on a distant feature that is important to me. Obviously, there is a lot of work to be done before even considering the feature at all, but just for the purposes of brainstorming, here are my thoughts. 


Most enemies, with the exception of bosses, and enemies that have irregular skills or strength, have a very small chance to drop an "egg" item. The egg item dropped, which might appear in a player's inventory as "Blob Egg", can be consumed by any player that is level X, where X is the level of the Blob enemy. 

Once the consumable item, "____ Egg" has been used, the player's list of available pets is updated to include said monster. A pet can't be unlocked twice. If a player has already unlocked the blob pet on their character, they will be unable to use a blob egg. This encourages a player run "pet market".

Once a pet is available, it may be summoned with the summon pet skill. A pet is, by default, level 0, but may accumulate experience and level up until level 100. A level 0 pet has 50% the strength of it's associated wild monster, but a level 100 pet has 150% strength of said monster. Pets retain all skills and behavior that their enemy components have. This system ensures that a pet's strength is flexible, but with limits. So some pets are certainly better than others, and there is a clear choice as to which pet is strongest in each scenario, but given the rarity of pet eggs, some leniance is given, allowing pets to reach 150% strength. It would be quite an accomplishment for a pet to be level 100, no matter.

Other than the summon pet skill, which will either summon or unsummon your active pet, there is also the "command pet" skill. If used on a tile/cell that has items in it, the pet will pick up the items for you. If used on a tile/cell that contains an enemy, the pet will attack the enemy. The "speak" skill allows a player to speak through their pet. Using this skill will prompt the player for a short text message, and after submitted, the message will appear in a chat bubble above their pet, and the message will display in the chat log. Using the command pet skill on an empty tile/cell simply commands your pet to move to the tile/cell.

The summon pet skill has a 3 minute cooldown. A summoned pet will follow its master, and fight any enemy which is aggro toward its master, until killed or unsummoned. Pets only gain EXP if they contribute to an enemy being killed. Only one pet may be active or summoned at a time.
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(03-01-2019, 08:30 PM)Heynong Wrote: I wanted to include my thoughts on a distant feature that is important to me. Obviously, there is a lot of work to be done before even considering the feature at all, but just for the purposes of brainstorming, here are my thoughts. 


I agree on having pets as a feature in the game and all of your points are valid, but there is still much to be speculated on regarding the subject.

How much experience should a pet receive if being contributive to the battle? Should it be shared evenly between the player and pet, should it be distributed according to damage done or should it be a fixed amount of experience from the overall experience gain that the player receives, without altering how much experience the player gets?
Can a player level up his/her summon/command pet skill or is that a learn once skill, or does it come with the players beginning of journey? Perhaps plot it in the story of the game. "To survive the lands of the north (Arcane Lands) the people from the south had to teach themselves extreme survival skills. To undertake the harsh conditions they taught themselves to tame and control pets to assist them during their journey" blah blah.
Anyway, it's in the distant future for sure, but still fun to speculate over Smile
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I am just here.
I imagine that a pet levels up at the same rate as a player. If a pet contributes to a kill, it receives X% of the kill's rewarded experience, where X% is the % of damage, compared to total damage taken, that the pet dealt. It might take a very long time to get a pet to its full potential, and it might not scale with the user's gameplay, because the pet's strength is relative to the enemy that it's based on in the wild.

And yea, I do think that, if skills can be upgraded, there are definitely some areas for improvement with the suggested pet skills. Like short cooldown times for summoning. Maybe the skills with less arithmetic effects could have additional passive effects. Like, the skill that lets you speak through your pet is mostly for RP purposes, but every level/upgrade in that skill could grant additional effect, like... maybe +1% pet HP/MP. Of course, the very basic pet skills should be available to any player, and yea, probably as some sort of introduction quest reward.

Are you wanting to work out a Pet System how Cascade's EOR server had?

Not sure yet, this is still far out in the future.

I am just here.

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